What our customers are saying!

I have been using Tolkein's Kennel for the last 2 years and must say I have always come away pleased with their business. They groom my dog to top standards, make sure she is happy during her stay, and truly care about her every time I drop her off. They treat all of the dogs that stay with them like their own babies, and that is such an important trait when looking for a kennel. I would not (and do not) hesitate to recommend Tolkein's to all of my dog owning friends.
- William
I met Christie and Larry in January, 2000, when my husband and I went to pick up Victor, our wonderful AmStaff. We flew into Baltimore and drove to Richmond. Their home was so warm and you could feel their love for their dogs. We watched a video on AmStaffs background to get familiar with what we were undertaking. Their Kennel was IMMACULATE, cleaner than some home I've visited and the dogs were so well behaved. They have a policy that once you purchase one of their dogs, if you go on vacation, they will sit your dog at no charge and when you pick him/her up they will have groomed them also. Since I live in Chicago I couldn't take advantage of this policy, but it seems too good to be true, but it is. Victor is now 10 and we've been in touch with the Knox's since we met. They are wonderful breeders as well as caregivers for dogs. I remember when one of their customers left her dog for grooming and she went home and died, Christie became the surrogate Mom to her Afghan because the son was not interested in the dog. How many breeders would do that? Only Christie and Larry. They are the BEST!!
- D. Strong
I have boarded my dogs (four terriers over the course of twenty years) at Tolkien's. They have cared for my dogs one or two days a week due to work and two or more weeks each summer due to vacations. The kennel has many runs--for medium to large dogs-----which lead to shelter (inside) areas as well as exercise areas for smaller dogs ---all of which are brought inside every evening. The runs and exercise areas have always been clean and the owners have always been cooperative and kind.
- sarah
I have boarded my dogs at this kennel for many years. The dogs are always healthy and happy when they come home. The best part about it is that the owners live on the property! * Pros: Beautiful shaded areas
- ebannin
I just picked up my Havanese from boarding on an extended emergency stay - he LOVES everyone at Tolkien's and was very happy. I was amazed at his coat condition - he is in a full length show coat and they brushed him out on a regular basis - without even asking - they just know what to do! I called on a recommendation from by Vet. I had to board him over the Easter Weekend and TOLKIEN'S MADE ROOM!
- Lorna Coloccia
Tolkien's is the only kennel I've ever used for boarding and grooming my dogs. The woodland setting is lovely; it's almost like sending Darwin and Lady to summer camp! The grounds are immaculate, and the guests are fed the best and healthiest diet during their stays. It's very reassuring that the owners live onsite and are there 24/7. As a long time client, I've come to know the Knoxes very well, and consider them more than friends. They're like family, and I wouldn't trust Darwin and Lady to anybody else.‎
- Carrington
Tolkien's kennels saved my dog's life! I adopted him after they cared for him and his litter brothers at Tolkien's for a year, after a misfortune befell their original owner. When I arrived to adopt my dog, he was beaming, happy, and absolutely bursting with good health! Christie Knox and the entire Tolkien's staff deserve kudos and praise for offering not only beautiful, immaculate, and first class accommodations for pets away from home, but their extensive lifetime experience in dealing with myriad issues connected with pets and pet needs. They really put themselves out for pets and people! I can't imagine a safer, happier place to take a pet while on vacation, short or long term.
- Jean Kadel